How To Threat Your Trees Through Winter Season

Winter is a time for rest for our trees and shrubs, but there are things we can do to keep them warm and protected throughout the cold weather so they are in optimal condition come spring.

Some examples of cold damage to trees and shrubs are sun scald, dieback, frost heaving and root injury. Sun scald happens when the bark on a tree heats up on chilly winter days when the sun is hitting it, which prompts bark tissue to grow, but then suddenly die once the sun goes down and the colder temperatures return. There are several species of tree where this is more common, but it also is more prevalent in younger trees because as trees age, their bark becomes harder which makes them more protected from the problem.

There is a solution to sun scald and that is simply to wrap the trunk of the tree with a tree wrap, use a plastic guard around the tree or just wrap the trunk in a light coloured material. Any of these solutions deflect the sunlight and protect the tree. It is recommended that newly planted trees be wrapped for their first two winters and thin barked trees for at least their first five.

We think that evergreens are hardy enough to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw their way, but they too can be damaged by the cold. The big thing with evergreens is they dry out when they lose water. If there are sunny winter days or a lot of wind in a winter, this can happen a lot faster. A simple solution is to ensure those evergreens are watered well in the fall so that they can retain some of that water and alleviate the problem of drying out. Also making a screen around them to ward off the wind or wrapping them in burlap can help. Snow is also a great insulator, so you can shovel some of it around the base of your evergreens to keep them warm and happy through the winter months.

Lastly, make sure there are no cracks in the soil around your trees and shrubs and that the root zone is covered with at least 6″ of mulch–you can also use pine needles and bark for a mulch if you need to, just keep the bottoms of those trees protected and insulated. Come spring you’ll be happy you took the time to winterize your trees!

Why You Need Garden Care Service And Horticulture

The exterior is the first thing that greets everyone, so it is important to keep the house clean and attractive, including using proper lawn and garden care service. If the garden, the flower beds is left unattended for a long time they can quickly develop into a messy green ground with overgrown grasses. Therefore, it is important to give proper shape to plants and sculptures to transform the look and function of a garden and add value to the property. By taking the advice of a garden landscaping expert, one can create the perfect outdoor space. Gardens are also maintained to preserve its authentic value.

The garden is the most vital part of the house as it is the place for playing, sitting at ease in the winter season or having the morning or evening cup of tea with family and friends. But many times patchy green grounds with dead plants may make the surroundings uncomfortable to dwell with. This can all be caused due to inferior soil quality, improper watering, entrance of unwanted exotic shrubs and poor seed case in relation to sunlight quantities. A quick way to solve the problem is time to time staking, watering them. Professional services include free delivery in the areas served by them, which makes it easier for the people to hire them for a great lawn and garden.

A beautiful yard with a great garden looks great, but with well maintained ornamental plants. All this is not easy as it requires technical skill and a lot of expertise. The various gardening services like seedling, aeration, application of pesticides for weed and insect control enables to have a gorgeous view of the landscape and increase the value of the home in the eyes of the passersby. Additionally, technically knowledgeable persons in the field of horticulture helps to provide tips as to what works and what doesn’t for better lawn and garden care.

Another way of improving the garden’s quality is by getting quality mulch. Almost all types of organic matter like hay, straw, leaves, straw dust, paper, bark or grass clippings, used as mulch materials serve all the requirements of an effective garden care. Mulching also helps in retaining the soil moisture, temperature, prevents it from eroding, reduces the growth of unwanted weeds. The natural mulches have a more earthly look on them and are best applied in the spring.

When looking at the lawn that surround the garden one must consider other factors like local weather conditions, the amount of sunlight received and the soil type. Since lawn and garden care is very regional the majority of the garden care service offers a professional approach to meet the goals and needs of the local people. Apart from that, they include an expert team of supervisors who prepare a checklist of work to be done, suggestions if any, and the difficulties faced by the customers. In addition, several landscaping companies across the world offer garden care services for free thus satisfying the customers to the utmost. They also provide some security measures and time to time recommendations for improving the site garden beds, lawn and grass areas, with the use of mechanized tools within the estimated budget of the clients. They are gentle, polite and patient and offer hassle free services with no obligation due to which people rely on them for fuller satisfaction.