A Bunch Of “goodies” Stealing Our Cars_ Well, Here’s What You Need To Know.

A Bunch Of “goodies” Stealing Our Cars? Well, Here’s What You Need To Know.

During the last few decades, the news report has shown an unexpected increase in cases of the stolen vehicle. As per the latest count in every 35 minutes, a car is being stole. What if you get your car stole right in front of your house? If you ever suffered from this kind of situation, you’re not alone. Well, this article will give all the vital information you need to know as it will cover what you should do next after your car has been stolen from you.

Following are the essential things you need to knew about if your car is being stolen.

 First of all, you need to analyze the damage that one can do with your vehicle. It can quickly identify with the help of a calliper or a map.

Next thing to do is contact a car insurance company within 24 hours of theft. And get them involves in the matter and see what they have to say. Before contacting your insurance company, call a local law enforcement agency in your area. And see if they can help you if you wait too long to report the lesser chances of getting your vehicle back. Most law enforcement agencies have cars equipped to scan license plates because they are part of their department. And they have to notify people if there is a break-in. If they notice that the license plate is stole, they will contact you to see if you want to get your car back. The cop will first contact the agencies because many of them will contact you first after getting information and ask you if you’re going to come to pick up the vehicle.

If your stolen vehicle is finance or may be leased, by any financial institution? In this case, You’ll need to contact your financing company after getting in contact with the financing company. The insurance company pays out a claim to the financing or leasing company, and you’re no longer liable for payments.

Another good thing is you can take the help of the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s to look up your car by using your vehicle’s identification number. The database generated through this can help you locate your stolen vehicle. 

Measures to be keep in mind in future to protect your vehicle from getting stolen:

  • Close all the window of your car while parking in public areas.
  • Always park your vehicle in a safe location.
  • Install proper GPS enabled devices and an alarm system in your vehicles. it will ensure your attention toward your car
  • Avoid keeping your valuable goods and accessories in the vehicle