Air Glass and Air Tags May Launch This Year

Will Air Glass and Air Tags be Launch from Now?

Analysts have said that the next iPhone may be partially Apple Air Glass and Air Tags. The companies have not yet finalized any plans for these two new devices. They may both be released this year but there is no solid confirmation as of now. The reason for the speculation stems from the fact that the companies are busy in pre-launch testing. However, if these two products do end up being identical then Apple would be in a position to claim full credit for the creation of the product.

Air Glass and Air Tags 

Airods are expected to be an offshoot of Apple Glass. These are small clear or transparent cases that fit over and protect the user’s ears and earplugs. They may be as small as a business card and as big as a handbag. The airtags may be used to replace buttons on the phones, control functions, and the home button on the iPad.

Glass, on the other hand, may be used in conjunction with the Airbag. The airbags may be used to protect the face of the device or the user when they fall. It is also possible that the airbags may be part of the charging device.

Apple may launch iPod in June

There was some speculation that the next iPod will be partially Apple Glass. This would mean that the device could be considered a mini-iphone in many ways. However, it was said that Apple may hold a product launch for the iPod in June. A few months later, it was reported that Tim Cook will be making a personal visit to the Apple store in California. Reports have also said that a patent application may have been filed by the company in January.

Air Glass & Air Tags Provides Us

A few weeks ago, there was some speculation that the next iPhone will be Glass and Airwords. This would mean that the device would be able to surf the internet like a computer and play games on the internet. However, it was said that this will not be the final design and it will only be a small part of the design. Apple could also consider using Touch screens and Browsing options with the iPhone. There are also rumors that the company may place the Home button on the bottom left corner of the iPhone. This would make it easier for the user to switch between using the iPhone and the home button.

Information About Features of Apple Upcoming Product

Some analysts believe that the new products by Apple may feature the same technologies as the iPod. For example, it may have the same media player features but it may also have additional speaker capabilities. It may be capable of playing both audio and video. When it comes to games, it may feature video game applications. It has also been speculated that the products will have the same interface as the iPod.

What the Steve Jobs predicted?

According to another research analyst, Steve Jobs predicted that the next generation of Apple devices will be packed with lots of applications. He also believes that the company will add even more programs to the iPod and iPhone when it launches. The analysts also believe that Apple may introduce a touch screen remote to control the iPod. The same theory is believed to be true about the iPhone. A remote will allow users to control the device from any location and not just their usual position in the pocket.

Will Apple Continue their Streak?

These new products are said to succeed if Apple manages to retain its innovative streak and retain the loyalty of existing customers. If it fails to live up to the expectations, then it may lose its reputation to many gadget lovers. Apple is known for designing cutting-edge products that give great results. However, there is no room for failures in the highly competitive world of tech gadgets. So, we will have to wait and see what the new Apple will bring us.