Battlegrounds Mobile India- Here comes to play your long survival in battle field

When it involves mobile Gaming, there’s nobody who hasn’t heard about PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India). PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds one among the foremost played games within the world with it currently being in the top 5 of all time. And it holds a record for the game that is played by 3,106,358 gamers simultaneously all around the world.

As per the records of The Esports Observer from 2019, PUBG Mobile had amassed over 400 million players in its database with 50 million players playing it on a daily basis. Even more, it also has 8,00,000 PC gamers that enjoy its adventures daily.

With all its popularity evident in these massive numbers, can you guess when PUBG came out? 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) released in December 2017, although it had spent an entire year in Steam’s Early Access. Throughout the first year, the crew fine-tuned the PUBG to make it an exciting experience for gamers, and it debuted on Xbox and PlayStation in early 2018.

The Battle Royal Formula has been popular in gaming and this worked well for PUBG as well. With its free mobile version and popularity among streamers, it became a massive success even before it was released. 

MASTERMIND BEHIND PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India)?

PUBG WAS CREATED BY BRENDAN GREENE IN 2017.  The PC version is developed by Blue hole, a Korean company and the PC version is developed by TENCENT, the famous Chinese Game developer.

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How’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Gameplay?

PUBG is a last-man-standing game that brings 100 players to a map setting. The game aims to be the sole survivor while killing all your opponents in the game.  The deal here is to find the weapons on the map before your opponents and use your killing skills and stealth abilities to hide and shoot everyone else before they can do the same to you.

Whoever kills takes the medal.

But that’s not so easy. PUBG isn’t any shooting and hiding game. You need to come with a strong strategy in the game. It’s more like you’re going on a mission for your survival against everybody else and you need every bit of your survival skill be it planning, hiding, or killing. More like a James Bond kind of thing where you are the BOND and can take part in the mission virtually.


Because PUBG needs constant improvement and strategies and also a great set of skills.

It’s like a real-life mission where you need all your senses working exceptionally well with your Brain.

If you’re not cautious then it may get you killed pretty easily. There’s always someone on the lookout who may kill you if you aren’t vigilant of your surroundings. The thrill of this game is unmatchable. 

Although, there are strategies to hide and run away but you can’t always retreat. PUBG makers are more focused on making it an action-Packed game where players can’t keep it boring for long.  If you hide out too long, you’re certain to get in front of a trigger-happy opponent.

It’s more like a team game rather than a lone player. If you work together with a team and outwit your opponent’s your chances of success are better.

PUBG also offers custom matches to the player that makes it gamer friendly as you can modify its setting as per your own strengths and liking. You can tweak all kinds of settings-from the frequency of airdrops to the size and frequency of the circles, which weapons are available, the number of players, among other things. 

How to create a custom match in PUBG?

Download the PUBG test server application to create a custom match.

You can create a game in any of these modes:

  • Normal Mode
  • Zombie Mode
  • War Mode
  • Esports Mode

Select any one of these modes.


Enter a name you want to give to your custom match.

Then, in options adjust the following according to your liking:

  • Map– A total of 5 maps are available. Miramar is the largest. Erangel is the most popular one. 
  • Perspective- TPP/FPP
  • Number of players– Keep it to the minimum so that no unknown player can join.
  • Team members- Select the number of your team members.
  • Weather- Foggy/Sunny/Rainy

Then, inside the settings, there’re SESSION SETTINGS AND GAME SETTING.

You can make the game private in session settings by adding a password for the spectators to grant permission to watch. 

How to Check FPS in your GAME settings?

There Are many reasons you want to know the FPS of your game. It shows how fast games run on your system. Also, it determines the smoothness of the game. 

Below Is the method to know the FPS in real-time while playing the battleground.

  • First and foremost, navigate to Steam.
  • Go to the Steam settings
  • Navigate down to the “in-game” tab.
  • Find the option for “in-game FPS counter”.
  • Click on the drop-down box below it and select “on”.

That’ll keep you updated in real-time. Reducing your FPS is an effective way to reduce lag in the game.

How to increase FPS in PUBG?

A lot of players complain about getting low FPS on PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) . Most of the time gamers don’t have a dedicated graphics card for the system. To avoid a lower FPS problem with the less effective graphics card, follow these settings mentioned below.

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame Rate: High (30FPS) or Ultra High(60FPS)
  • Style: Colorful (Depends on personal preference)
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable
  • Shadows: Very Low
  • EFFECTS: Very Low
  • Auto-Adjust Graphics: Disable

Here are some PRO tips to increase FPS in PUBG:

This is an effective way to increase frame rates in IN ANY GAME.

Make sure your GPU is running 100%. Keep your drivers updated.

Always use the latest drivers.

PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is always pushing for optimization so it is better to keep the driver up to date to maintain FPS.

Override IDBI settings. 

Adjust FPS cap in your Graphic settings depending upon the number of Hz on your screen.

Keeping the shadows low will increase your performance. 

Here’re some ways you can get better at PUBG.

After doing all the customizations, I’m sure you want to get your skills deadly.

Basic Movements 

PUBG MOBILE requires shrewd movements. When you enter the game for the first time, just roam around for a while using jump Crouch, training in houses jump, through windows, across walls, and see the difference in your gameplay.

Master The Joystick If you want to improve your close combat performance depends on your fast reflexive ability that will only come through the fast movement of the joystick. 

Right sensitivity Different devices have a unique calibration of sensitivity. Sensitivity to make sure you are using your mobile phone in the best manner is to practice. Warm out in those comfortable sensitivity settings. Practice makes a man better and in the case of PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India), it is true.

Improve The Aim It is the most essential part of the game and many players specifically focus on improving their aims now how you can improve your first. 

Practice 100 TDN Matches. Aim for the head sensitivity and reaction time play a vital role here having the right sensitivity and aiming for the Crown will be quite straightforward.

Use The App Aim Master to improve the head percentage shots in the game. Specifically, It will help you to shoot more accurately and show you can kill a greater number of players. 

How to get better at shooting?

  • Here’re some tips:
  • Point your crosshair calmly on the rival.
  • Then, Relax. It’s not an actual kill.
  • Take one shot at a time.
  • Practice recoil.
  • Use Peek shot. It’s a commonly used tactic by PRO players.
    • Hide behind any cover.
    • Aim at the enemy.
    • Peek and tilt
    • Shoot

Learn Recoil Control AKM is a deadly gun in the PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) but many players avoid it. If you learn how to recoil quickly then it’ll be an advantage against other types of weapons.

Your Gyroscope to control your aims better. Directions are useful as you can lose your direction without a gyro. 

Lightning Fast Reactions try to be as quick as possible avoid giving your opponent any instances to aim at you. PUBG is a combat game and high reflexes will help you survive till the end.

Use of Gun Combinations Use gun combinations so you can perfect your skill and stick with it. 

Sticking with your gun combination also helps you to get used to the recoil control of the gun, develop muscle memory and learn in and out of the weapons.

Even After Learning All the Killings And Weapon Skills, Here’s Why You Are Bad At PUBG. 

PUBG is a mission game where you need instincts to survive along with all the weapons and good controls. For instance Just as I mentioned earlier it’s like a James Bond movie where if you are James Bond it’s all fun and exciting. But if you’re one of the villains who can’t get anywhere near the Bond and has zero fighting and no shrewd survival skills then it can be frustrating for you even though you’re a fan of the game.

Namely, The player needs the ability to spot the enemy instantly. Some players I’ve seen can shoot like a bloody sniper even from miles away. Along with that one needs to know where to hide and when to fight and when to run as well. 

Learn ART OF WAR dammit!

This is the reason why PUBG is so HARD for some players. It can get extremely difficult and disappointing if you don’t improve your instincts to survive and play with a laid-back strategy.

How To Get Better At PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India)?

Understanding the dynamics of the game is essential to survive in PUBG. It isn’t only about aiming and shooting. To illustrate player needs to understand the surroundings and create strategies according to the map.

To outmaneuver your opponent, learn these rules.

– Rule 1: You are rarely safe. There is a tiny number of hackers that you can experience around 1/10 games who can murder you either by showering the air with homing bullets, shoot instant headshots, or simply team up in a solo match. There’s nothing you can do about those except to watch your death cam and if you suspect hacking, hit the report button. 

– Rule 2: Don’t go prone in a major open space. Regardless of how all around hid you appear to yourself in the grass/bushes, the foliage won’t hide you from the other players. they can SEE YOU hiding. Rather continuously moving, find covers.  A stone or tree. POSSIBLY GO PRONE WHEN YOU HAVE COVER AND ARE safe FROM ALL SIDES ASSUMING hidden. Even then, you are powerless against grenades so ensure nobody sees where you go prone. 

– Rule 3: Don’t drop hot. You won’t get enough opportunity to work on shooting and will kick the bucket right away. All things considered, DROP AS DISTANT FROM THE PLANE AS CONCEIVABLE THROUGH PARACHUTE, ideally you see just a single other part nearby. He’s your target to rehearse on. Specifically, Get some weapon and a touch of covering and attempt killing that player. By dropping safely you are bound to get a weapon and defensive layer, you are likely to get a couple of shots off and endure making efforts because the weapons you will both find are pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns.

– Rule 4: Don’t panic. This one may take some time subject to how anxious you get during a firefight. This influences your CAPACITY TO HIT YOUR ENEMY when you’re both scoping up simultaneously. 

– Rule 5: Sound is significant. Specifically, Tune in to footsteps and try not to run around wherever constantly. Campers anticipate infamous plunder areas, particularly in TPP. Be alert and anticipate campers, don’t run straight into a room. Open a door and move to a side, YOU CAN DODGE shotguns to the face this way. 

– Rule 6: Utilize your grenades! Figure out how to throw the grenades with the two diverse arcs available. Likewise, Just as, play around with the 5-second delay by clicking R and count “One Mississippi, two Mississippi, and so on and toss before 5. It’s really helpful to flush out campers. 

Shooting tips:

Hold SHIFT to hold your breath and don’t tremble for a couple of moments. Figure out how to rotate between the shooting modes of weapons. For instance, single-shot mode on an M16 is more deadly with an X4 extension to take out mid-far targets, while its burst mode is better in a close-range firefight with optical sights/holographic sights.

PUBG is a widely popular game. Gamers love to play as well as learn about its strategies with live streaming. And live streaming is also a way how a pro player can earn through playing games. 

Gaming has been so popular that it has become a viable career path for some great players. 

Specifically, Many players use online streaming to earn through their games whereas other gamers can learn from their tactics and gameplay.

If you’ve reached a certain level of dexterity in the game then you must share that learning with the players looking to learn about it.

Here’s a way how you can live stream your PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) game through mobile phones. 

YOUTUBE GAMING- YouTube has launched a feature called YouTube Gaming just for streamers. With the rise in popularity of the streaming videos on YouTube, this feature is super advantageous to streamers as well as to YouTube itself.  

Just register an account with YouTube and accordingly, begin sharing your abilities to the Gamers worldwide.

OMLET ARCADE- Omlet Arcade is available on play store and it is easy to use as well. It’s a brilliant app to share your live streaming and perfectly safe app to use for android users. Likewise, Just register and you’re good to go with the app. No humming and hawing!

Streamlabs OBS- this app allows users to not only stream but add multiple features like new themes, chat boxes etc. It can be found on Streamlabs website. 

Here was a tour of the in and out of the game that has taken mobile gaming by storm in the past few years and I think it’ll continue to do so until a few years from now.

Hope this guide helps you with basic things you wanted to know about PUBG (Battlegrounds Mobile India) gaming. Specifically, Write to us for any more information and details. There are always ready to share about games and connect with gamers around the world.

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