Cloud kitchen franchise in India

Rising of Cloud Kitchen in 2021

The rise of meal delivery has led to the creation of a new concept: the “cloud kitchen”, also known as the virtual restaurant. Although more and more consumers have their food delivered by parties like Uber Eats, Zomato, Swiggy and so on, most of them probably don’t even know their meal was prepared in a cloud kitchen. In fact, they may never even have heard of it. But what exactly is a virtual restaurant?

One concept, several terms

Virtual restaurants have many synonyms: dark kitchens, cloud kitchens, virtual kitchens, ghost restaurants, delivery restaurants. Whatever you call them, the concept remains the same. In cloud kitchens we only cook for delivery. The meals that are prepared there are therefore not intended for the traditional restaurant visitor, but for those who order food to have it delivered at home (or somewhere else).

It is the success of online ordering platforms and apps that paved the way for cloud kitchens. These apps make it much easier, even for smaller restaurants, to have food delivered to the customer. The range of restaurants that offer delivery has increased enormously as a result, and the demand for meal delivery also continues to increase.

The popularity of delivery apps has made it more difficult for restaurants to get to know their online customers. Now that direct customer contact has almost completely disappeared, it is critical for restaurants and cloud kitchens to use advanced technologies and marketing techniques to attract and retain their clientele.

Numerous benefits for restaurants

Restaurants that cook from a cloud kitchens do not have to provide seating space for customers. Which greatly reduces the rental costs of a property. Moreover, they do not have to hire and train room staff. Delivery production kitchens are therefore a good solution for restaurants. To reduce overhead costs while increasing their capacity to meet the growing meal delivery market.

How to get Cloud Kitchen Franchises

Now in 2021 very easy way to get any Cloud kitchen Franchise in India. Benefits of Franchises they will provide whole setup and readymade brand value.
Cost of Franchises approx. 50k to 20 Lakhs according to budget and what do you want in Franchise.

Another core value

Another core value of the virtual restaurant model is the ability to easily experiment with new menus, brands and concepts. When new trends come to the market, a virtual kitchen does not have to take into account a physical restaurant. In this way it can respond quickly and easily to changes. For example with a new menu or even a completely new brand. Delivery kitchens can easily reach new markets and “fill the gap in the market”.

Different business models are involved in the creation of the virtual restaurant. While some restaurants pool their strengths and resources in a shared kitchen, others opt for a private kitchen. Where they may work for several brands. Some cloud kitchens are owned by aggregators, others are privately owned and some are owned by the restaurant itself. Anything goes!

Automating orders and optimizing procedures is crucial for the success of a cloud kitchens. These kitchens work together with multiple ordering platforms. Each of which has its own system, and often also cook for more than one brand. Streamlining the delivery activities therefore helps enormously to deliver the meal to the customer as quickly as possible.