FBI Found Ghislaine Maxwell Using Mobile Phone Data

FBI Agents Arrested Ghislaine Maxwell And Patrik Baba

FBI agent Jeffery Epstein and his partner, investigator Slava Leonov, arrested Ghislaine Maxwell and her friend, Patrik Baba, for suspicion of money laundering. The arrests are make after the FBI learn through sources in foreign countries about an international ring that uses Maxwell as a frontwoman. According to media reports, FBI agents had proof on a cellphone which they said contained evidence of the money laundering. The media reports did not indicate the type or brand of cellphone that the FBI found on Maxwell’s cell phone. This information have been confirm by sources close to the case. This article describes the method the FBI followed to find evidence on Maxwell using mobile phone data.

How Investigators Caught Ghislaine and Patrik Baba?

FBI agents began investigating the suspects in October of 2020 when they received information and knowledge from Maxwell’s acquaintance, indicating that she is treating as an international money launderer. The acquaintance tells them that she has received numerous calls on her cell phone from people who claimed to organize crime. The investigators looked up the cell phone number using internet resources and obtained the caller’s details from the service provider. It turns out that agent Jeffrey Epstein called Maxwell multiple times in the same evening, asking her out to drinks and having sex. The investigators managed to record all the conversations on Maxwell’s cell phone using the right software.

Investigators asked about a Mystery caller from Maxwell

Later that night, the investigators confronted Maxwell and she denied knowing anything about the mystery caller. The investigation went on and Maxwell continued to deny knowledge about the location and person associated with the cell phone location. The investigators noticed a strange pattern to her answer and that is when they decided to perform a reverse mobile phone data lookup on her number. The outcome was a complete surprise to the investigators.

What they Discovered about the Number?

They discovered that the number was in the records of the National Do Not Call List. But Ghislaine Maxwell did not know that her number had been included in the database. She was surprised when they told her that the FBI had found her cell phone number using a cell phone lookup. She could hardly believe it.

Role of Maxwell’s Husband Named Anthony

Maxwell’s husband, Anthony, believed that she had an extramarital relationship with a man named Lawrence Patrick. Anthony told the investigator that he had seen Patrick’s number on his cell phone. The investigator felt that Anthony had some kind of control over the situation. That is why he felt the need to get more information from Maxwell.

Maxwell made several more calls to the investigator before she decided to tell them everything. The investigators listened to all of these calls. The call details were transcribed and the investigators then prepared a detailed report for Maxwell to give to the authorities. But when the detectives went back to ask her why she had given the number a call at that time, she said she had forgotten about it.

Why the Investigator was so surprised?

Later, she received a call from an unknown person. She asked the caller to leave her a message. She never returned to the number and got no answer. The investigator is so surprise that he wrote down the number and shows it to the caller. He was apparently trying to determine whether or not the number was legitimate.

What Happened at the end?

The mystery caller is not happy with the answer. So he decided to leave her a message and followed up with another cell phone call. Maxwell hung up on the second call. The third investigator who was listening to realize that the number was on the list of numbers. That the FBI had found listed in cell phone databases.