How can good career counseling help students for a better future?

How can good career counseling help students for a better future?

 With time, India’s career counseling became very popular amongst students during their school time or college life. However, students now become very much concerned about their career choices. Today’s students are anxious about their career because of the high competition they observe in society, and some choose their passion as a career. Career counseling is not only meant for students during their school time. It is an ongoing process throughout life, and For better understanding, we have to know what career counseling means?

 Career counseling is a kind of support and professional information offered by several experienced career counselors by conducting seminars, training programs for students, clients, or individuals. Counselors assist them throughout their professional journey. They also guide the candidates on making an excellent impression and maintaining their motivation. Candidates who have finally decided to take the plunge and start their careers usually seek guidance and assistance from career counselors at the initial stage of their career journey.

 When did the student feel the need for counseling?

 According to parents, the following are the stages during which the need for counselors arises in student life for taking career decisions : 

Which streams to take after 10th:

The most crucial decision that comes in front of the student is choosing the right stream after Class 10th, which has been considered the most critical career phase. The most confusing thing that comes into the student’s mind is which stream he/she should choose, science, commerce, or arts.

Which career to choose for graduation or for further studies:

After 12th students have to choose their career path if someone thinks that to clear out exam is the only difficulty which student face then they haven’t talk with them about their career yet who may give the best advice to the student about career 

In the era of intense competition, every student wants a successful certified career and a better secure future. There are so many career opportunities that puzzles students while choosing a path to start their career. Many situations happen with people where they change their current career track after entering into a job. Thus, counselors’ need arises when counselors offer necessary guidance to the students, describing and showing them ways to develop their strengths, develop skills, and build their career goals and objectives. The career counseling process ensures that the student develops his/her skills to suit him/her and reaches his/her goals and objectives. These processes help in the long run.

 Most of the people who seek career counseling fall into one of the following categories

  • Those who want to enhance their strengths,
  • Those who need help with their career transition, 
  • Those who need to improve their personality and communication
  • Those who need to find out what they want to do with their lives and to
  • Those who need assistance with attaining a certain level of progression in their careers

With all these responsibilities, a career counselor can analyze your personality, career goals, weaknesses, develop plans and relevant strengths, and identify your personality type. It is important to make career development a lifelong process as you grow older. Also essential to identify the positive aspects of each personality aspect and negative factors. It helps make life decisions according to your personality and suitability rather than your job description or a particular organization. We all have our way of developing ourselves, and depending on our nature, we can choose the right path. 

 How career counseling helps students in different ways: 

Career counseling Helps student to choose the best career options: counseling is done by a professional and experienced counselor who is an expert in this field and knows each type of career will surely help you choose your dream career

  • It helps in reducing the confusion related to career options.
  • It provides expert and professional guidance for every kind of job. 
  • It provides valuable assistance to students in terms of their streams, subjects, interests, etc.

What are the benefits of career counseling to students?

Benefits of career counseling: 

  • It determines your aptitudes qualities, capacities, Strengths, and Weaknesses and figures out the hurdles or shortcomings 
  • It helps the students to reach their desired goals and also allows them to achieve desired goals 
  • It helps students to identify one or more fields of work that match their skills, interest passion, strengths, and abilities
  • It provides a role model to students as in counseling counselors share their expertise and experiences with them and reduce the career-related frustrations 

In conclusion, career counseling is essential and necessary but

more so if you have not been making the right career plan earlier. You have to understand yourself better, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and determine your future goals and aspirations. Once you know that you have to adapt yourself to a much different environment and surroundings, you will better understand why you need to get a good career counseling session. Remember that

if you are not making the right decisions in your career today, tomorrow will come when you have no choice but to change your career plans. That’s why it is important to take the necessary steps today and start developing your personality and skills.