How To Make Money Online Without Investment

How To Make Money Online Without Investment


Hey Guys, Welcome to the Bestcashing Today we will tell you how to make money online without investment. As we know very well how we are fighting with our life in the COVID-19 situation. Many people will get bored with using Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Today We are not going to tell any website or Application to earn cash online in our free time. Today we are giving you some of the best tips that can help you to earn money.

Application Development

The number one best low competition tip is Application development. Yes, we are talking about earning money from an ios and Android Application. 

Generally, You will already see the advertisements in the application of Google Play Store, So this Advertisement gives Money. The advertisement is provided by Google through AdMob.

You can make Android applications by Learning java and kotlin in Android studio and C objective and swift language for IOS App Development. But in 2020 Google will introduce Flutter. This framework works in the Dart language. By learning the dart language, you can make Applications on both IOS and Android. If you want to make money on your own application then this is the best way.


Everyone knows there are thousands of videos available on Youtube but you must know the people who are making videos and give us entertainment and Knowledge. Actually, they are making money and becoming famous. 

You can also make your YouTube channel free of cost and make your videos if you have any passion. There are a lot of things to learn like editing and thumbnails. You can at least give your try and simply complete the 1k subscribers and 4k hours watch time then your channel will definitely monetize. And your earning will start.

Stock Market

On these free days, You can come to the Stock Market. But the question is that How can we enter and start investing? If we Suddenly come then you will be lost.

Before coming into the stock market, you need to remember two things:

  • Fundamental usage of the stock
  • You should know technical analysis

In Empty days you can learn technical analysis and many things about the graph increasing or decreasing. You can also increase your skills by learning Technical Analysis.

Website Development or Logo Development

Here is another best of the best way to earn online cash through website and logo development. In your free time, You can learn web development for Blogger or WordPress. 

You can also do blogging here on your website. If you know how to develop a website then you can do freelancing of it. You can also design logos.

There are many things you will learn from a website. There are various sources to earn money from a website such as freelancing of website development and logo making, earning from Adsense,  Guest posting, and much more.

Follow your Passion

If you have any passion and you should follow your passion. In your free time, you can learn tutorials about your fashion. You can watch whatever you want to do such as dancing, programming, Teaching, Singing and more.