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How you can test your gaming headset

There are a few things to consider when deciding upon a gaming headset. Price and sound excellent top the record –these are the largest factors we weighed when picking our favorites for this particular listing. Comfort is up there, too. Also, noise-cancelling mics are critical for coms, therefore most of the headsets we’ve listed here include this attribute. You need decent voice quality along with a mic that won’t pick up every single keypress on your mechanical computer keyboard.

Adding one of the greatest gaming headsets of 2021 for your set-up shouldn’t cost the earth either. You can grab our top pick, the Razer Blackshark V2, for $100, providing you with a sturdy headset with excellent sound quality.

How we test gaming headset and you can test your headset

A: Every headset that we examine we use daily for at least a week. We capture a sample of our voice in Audacity and compare it to previous records from different models, then head to Discord to have some comments from our friends about how we are sounding.

During this week, we plan to test every headset in a number of different game genres–shooters, battle royales, and racing games make for especially good testing situations because the former tends to test the non-invasive and show muddiness and distortion, while PUBG et al are fantastic for positional audio tracking.

Last, excellent racing sims include a very special mix designed to assist you to hear brake lock-up and tires losing traction. It is often in Project CARS two (seriously!) Where great headsets are split from merely good.

 Wired or wireless?

A: This comes to down to preference, but if you’re going the wireless course what you want to search for is for decent battery life (20 hours or higher). The last thing you want to have a headset that is always needing to be plugged in as the battery life is awful. It kind of defeats the purpose of becoming wireless. For wired headsets, you want to make sure that your cable is long enough to reach your PC without feeling as if it is tugging on your mind.

The Best Microphone for Gaming

In terms of headset microphones, we have been consistently impressed with the mics Razer places in its higher-end Kraken and Nari headsets, along with the mics on Turtle Beach along with Astro Gaming’s flagship headsets. These can be pretty pricey, but if voice clarity is vital they are worth the money. It is a boom microphone that easily attaches to a favorite pair of headphones, and may be removed when not in use thanks to some two-piece magnetic mount. You won’t receive any of the gaming-specific characteristics of dedicated gaming headphones using the ModMic (and wireless is right out), but it lets you use your cherished old headphones for voice chat.

Just be certain that you’ve got the right connection or adapter to use it with your preferred game platform. If you’re really serious about streaming or alternative gaming commentary, you may want to forego the boom microphone entirely and receive a dedicated USB mic, rather. Decent USB mics are available for approximately $50 to $150, and provide much clearer, richer, more natural sound than any boom mic you can get. It is trickier to install properly to get good sound, however; you want to be mindful of microphone position and where you’re relative to this.

If you would rather single-player games and live independently, you do not need a headset in any way. You can use speakers and enjoy the room-filling atmosphere, and shout to the inexpensive and mediocre monoaural headsets the Xbox One and PS4 come with. But the next time you are at a deathmatch, raid, or capture mission, make certain you’re yelling into the boom mic of a good headset. To find the right one, check out our hints here, then take a peek at our 5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Headphones.