Indian Railways Terms & Conditions 2021

Indian Railways Terms & Conditions 2021

Terms & Conditions 2021

An important feature of the Indian Railways is its Train Operating Terms & Conditions. Which are designed to govern the conduct of the trains. These rules are published by the Central Board of Excise and Customs or CBEC. Which is the railway board of India. It is basically meant to inform the passengers of the rights provided to them by the Indian Railways while they are onboard the trains.

Rules followed in 2021

The Railways have detailed rules on fare collection. This also includes what kind of goods you can bring with you on the train. But you will be checked at the point of entry and if you are found to have brought prohibited goods. You will have to pay the price from your own pocket or give a refund. You may not be able to understand all the technicalities of the Railways’ rules and regulations. So it is better to consult an authorized agent while booking your tickets.

Various Modes of Transportation apart from the railway

Apart from the Railways, there are various other modes of transport available in India including buses, taxis, rickshaws, auto-rickshaws etc. You may have to learn about them while booking your tickets as they vary depending upon the rules and regulations of the railway station. For instance, the Etihad Airways flight has a special booking rule, which states that only single-seat tickets can be booked online through their website.

Ticket Policies

Indian Railways also have their own terms & conditions which are specific to each train. These include the ticket’s return policy, reservation policy, seat assignments, ticket cost and the list never ends. A ticket bought from any other agency is not valid and the customer needs to validate the ticket with the Railways. So, it is essential to know exactly what is contain in the terms and conditions before purchasing any ticket.

How Can Access Indian Railways Online

One can access the Indian Railways website through the official site of Indian Railways. Or the official websites for all the railroads in India. The customers need to fill in the details regarding the train number, date of travel, destination and the travel agency’s name. This help in getting confirmation about the reservation by the railways. Once this information has been fill in by the customer. He/She can book his/her ticket online by logging in to the Indian Railways official site.

If you do not have the internet at home. You can book your ticket over the phone or through the calling machine. Indian Railways offers an online booking service for its customers. Who can get tickets online without visiting any particular ticket booking office of the railway station? The customer just needs to dial the Indian Railways toll-free number. And the enquiry about the reservation can be done by using the automated voice response system. Once the inquiry is done, the customer will get the option to get more information. Then, he/she can book his/her ticket online by using the online form provided on the website of Indian Railways.