IT Department Brings out Faceless Assessment Programme

IT Department Brings out Faceless Assessment Programme

Faceless Assessment Programme

The three-tier facilitation model in IT sector has failed to bring out a concrete plan. That will work for the betterment of IT departments. The first plan was implemented to bring out a common program of evaluation for all the departments of an organization. There are two types of evaluation applies to each department. One is the faceless assessment programme and the other one is the faceless penalty programme.

The main aim of FAP

The main aim of the faceless assessment programme is to bring down the cost. And increase productivity in the IT department. But, this has not been very successful because of the lack of communication. Between the leaders and the staffs have resulted in the failure of this programme. It appears that people are not participating in this programme. As they do not have a clear view of the purpose and the areas that need improvement. The leaders are trying to implement this program in a smooth manner but the staffs are resisting it strongly.

Why the Staffs are not participating in this program?

The staffs are not participating in this program because they feel that they are not given any value for the money they are spending on it. They feel that even if they spend more time on the program, it will not result into any positive results for the organisation. Every department has to understand that the success or failure of an organisation depends on how the leader communicates with the staffs. The leaders have to inspire the staffs and tell them that they are valuable to the company. If the company provides a good working environment, then there will be high levels of efficiency in the company.

Faceless penalty scheme

The faceless penalty scheme has proved to be a failure for many companies in the past. There are many processes that can be automate by using software programs such as financial systems. These procedures are over on the back-end so that once the IT department upgrades the system, the process automatically starts. This saves the company a lot of money which is transfer to the business.

There are many other examples that show how a well organise IT department can bring success to the organisation. The managers are now concentrating on providing quality services to the customers. And this is helping the company to grow in leaps and bounds. Every department in the organisation is now aware of the importance of maintaining a well-organised database. In order to conduct a regular check on the progress of the business. The staffs now understand that they are very valuable to the organisation and they are not see as commodities.

Other things related to IT department

There are so many things to worry about when it comes to an IT department. It is important to focus on improving the efficiency level of the organisation. If the company is careful enough, they can easily get the best services for the money spent. The managers should make sure that the quality of the software used by the department does not dropdown. It is also important to maintain communication lines with clients. And vendors to help the company improve its position in the market.