Joe Biden Gives an Emotional Speech Before the Inauguration

Joe Biden Gives an Emotional Speech Before the Inauguration

Joe  Biden Elected as 46th President of U.S.A

As we know, covid 19 was declared as the worldwide pandemic and has been faced by the whole world. After meeting the critical situation of covid-19.  

Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president- of the United States of America. The inauguration of Joe Biden as the United States president at noon (EST) on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. 

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Facts you Need to Know about 2020 U.S. Elections

  • Mr Biden has won the election by over 150,000 votes which is 14 times Donald Trump’s 2016 margin while accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. 
  • He says that he would implement a national plan to battle the coronavirus pandemic on his first day in office if he is becomes the President. 
  • Mr Biden has faced many difficulties during the election. He starts with the problem that no modern president has ever faced. A continuing pandemic and a predecessor competitor who has worked tirelessly to convince Americans that the past election was unlawful.  
  • His predecessor competitor took every possible step to spread the fiction that stole the election and Biden’s victory is based on fraud across multiple states.
  •  But after proving all the allegations wrong   The Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit backed by President Donald Trump to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory.

  It was very challenging for Mr Biden but after facing the harsh situation of pandemic and allegiances. 

Presidential Oath

Mr Biden has successfully taken the presidential oath. On the occasion of being winning the elections.  Met people from New York to Los Angeles with cheers. Honking and dancing as Mr Biden’s supporters flooded the streets with joy.

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After being elect as president of America, Joe Biden departed for Washington DC  from his home state  Delaware. Joe Biden cries in an emotional speech before heading to Washington, D.C. While delivering a speech on inauguration day. He said a warm goodbye to the people of Delaware and honoured his late son Beau and thanked the people for their support.

  While delivering the speech, Mr Biden became very emotional and quote Delaware’s lines that” when I die. Delaware will be writing on my heart “. 

An Emotional Joe Biden Remembers Late Son Beau In Farewell To Delaware

 He also mentions in his speech that  “I have only one regret that today my late son Beau is not here because we should be introducing him as president, having tears in his eyes he gave tribute to his late son  Beau who was a rising politician but died because of brain cancer at the age of 46.

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He mentioned that his late son Beau Biden has been on his mind. At every stage of President-elect’s Joe Biden’s candidacy.  Biden has said that he selected vice president-elect Kamala Harris in part because Beau liked and trusted her.

With tears streaming down on his face, he addresses the citizens and says that I am truly honour to be your next president. Mr bidden established himself as a truth-teller. He believes that we have to bring this country together while delivering his speech to the public. Joe Biden cried many times and hoped that the current darkness of pandemic over the country would cease. He said that he would change the situation with Vice Presidelandla Harris.