Most Effective HR software

Most Effective HR software

HR and Payroll Software

When time changes our needs and modules of performing task also changes. As we are in era where technology have made drastic changes from our lifestyles to our way of working and doing business. If you are an owner of business, company any organization you have to run your business using technology to operate and run your business partially or a wholly in a digital way. Using Technology in this time is like a mandatory as it works as pillar for our business to sustain and grow in the market. So if you are looking for a HR and Payroll Software to run your business smoothly and in a smart way by saving time and making paperless transaction. We Meronetwork Pvt. Ltd. Team is here to solve your HR and Payroll related problem by providing you a best HR and Payroll Software. We help you in implementing HR and Payroll Software for your Business, firm, company etc. as per your requirement and need. In today’s time HR and Payroll Software are vital and are a backbone of your company which let your business adapt in the market and to grow your business too. So to compete in the Business market you should have implement HR and Payroll Software in your business organization to work smartly and digitally. Implementing HR and Payroll software let your business grow in competitive market by saving your time, manpower, and decrease burden of paper management and document. HR and Payroll software provide your company several features with 100% effectiveness like Project Management, Recruitment, Leave and Holiday Management, Payroll Management, Peoples Management, Performance Appraisal, Document Management, Discuss and Chat, Event Management and On- Boarding etc.

Who We Are?

We are a well-established organization with a best track record for the customer satisfaction. Our Team have never failed on the quality basis and the services provided to the customer. We believe in Quality service and providing the products at a very competent price. Our staffs will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with you if any issues occur with our product.

Using Meronetwork Software you can have ease in managerial tasks, income creation, allowance, benefits, income tax, gratuity, multiple shift checkup, chart view, employee check in/ check out logs, group shift setup, hiring & job information, employee information, assets allocation and return, bank account details, payroll addition, leave setting, create leave, leave request, leave notification, leave balance reports, biometric check in, biometric check out, check in from mobile app, attendance comments, attendance reports, reports related to human resource, employee service period , payroll and benefits appraisal and daily activities. You can have ease in all these multiple task in a single software which can be handled by your one employee and which helps you in cost minimization and resource optimization other side. Good management always directs that how we minimize cost and maximize the return and the task done through optimum utilization of available resources. Using Meronetwork Software you can perform above multiple task from a single software which is a cloud based help your data stored and secured in a cloud. This is the era of software and technology where we are bound to use and implement these software and technology to sustain in the business market and to grow our business. Our Team believe in providing you a best HR and Payroll Software in Nepal for your Business Organization. Meronetwork Team also make changes in our software as per your business need and requirement.

We Meronetwork Team is here to provide you any IT related business solution for your business and company .