Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Worldwide

Prevalence of Childhood Obesity Worldwide

Obesity has been the major problem that the world has ever faced. The World Health Organization has show that obesity is shown In children worldwide and increase three-fold in the last fifty years. It is consider one of the crucial reasons for the increased level of stress and tension among children.

What is the harmful impact of being obese?

Presently obesity is consider a nationwide epidemic in all age groups. In both every country. Obesity is a risk factor for severe non-communicable diseases, significant disability, and premature death.

• Obesity is a disease that can lead to many problems like blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, Heart disease, hypertension, respiratory issues, etc. Besides this, it can also cause other health problems like Nerve damage and numbness, Hard-to-heal infections among the children if left untreated.

If you want to prevent obesity among the children in your area, you must talk to your doctor and ask for some effective obesity treatment methods.

What is the Main Reason for Obesity Worldwide?

Stress has a direct effect on health. As a result, children have been in danger of becoming obese more rapidly than adults.

Obesity is an alarming rise as most of the grown-up children in today’s world are overweight. As a result, a rapid increase is shows in Type 2 diabetes among children due to several changes in their eating habits and eating patterns in the past few decades.

Some children become excessively obese as they feel difficulty walking.

What are the reasons for obesity?

There are several reasons behind obesity among children. One of the most common reasons behind obesity shown among children is overindulgence in food. Many of the grown-up children in today’s generation tend to eat a lot of junk food daily. They do not exercise regularly. The excessive consumption of junk food by these children is directly responsible for obesity is sawed among children in this world today.

Another reason for being obese is the lack of physical activities neglect by today’s generation.

To prevent obesity among children, parents need to encourage their children to participate in physical activities regularly.

Do all people with large body mass are obese?

Generally, people with large body mass are not obese as some people have a larger body- frame. To know whether you are suffering from obesity or not. “Body mass index” (BMI) is preferable.

BMI generally helps to provide guidelines related to weight and height to measure overweight and obesity.

BMI does not calculate the percentage of body fat and is only a part of the diagnosis of obesity worldwide.

How to calculate BMI?

To calculate the ideal weight of our body:

Weight should be in KGs
Height should be in Meter’s

  • Underweight <18.5
  • Healthy weight 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight 25.0-29.9
  • Obesity 30.0-39.9
  • Severe obesity > 40

What are the Precautions to be Kept in Mind to Protect ourselves from Obesity Worldwide?

One should keep the following things in mind to protect ourselves from being obese:

  1. Having a start with healthy eating habits by adding a proper amount of all the nutrients in our daily routine diet and limiting the unhealthy eating habits.
  2. By encouraging the practice of regular physical workouts and recreational activities in our life.
  3. To control the consumption of bad fats and increase the consumption of good fats. Besides this limit in the consumption of sugar contained foods that increase the metabolism of our body and make us fat.