Suzuki Vitara 2021 price, Featured & Review

About Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki, a brand that needs no introduction. It has deep roots in the industry and is unmatched in terms of sales. Ask an Indian for a cheap car, a Maruti is definitely coming. But when it comes to the SUV class, Maruti Suzuki has no other choice. but why? Well, there is a sad story of global SUV failure. Suzuki Grand Vitara XL7. The culprit was not like the wind we see today. A complete Suzuki Vitara that comes with a powerful engine and world-class features. Before discussing the reasons for the failure, let’s take a look at what the Vitara XL-7 offers.

Suzuki Vitara
Suzuki, which is fast becoming a major player in New Zealand’s new car market, has simply done. So, although the choice remains between versions of its own compact SUV, the Grand Vitara.

The diesel version just went on sale here. And while it’s not flawless, it’s a true gem and vintage Vitara pick.Prior to the Suzuki Vitara oiler, the fast-growing Korean brand (in both market share and vehicle quality) Kia offered here the only compact Suzuki Vitara with a diesel engine. The highly regarded Sportage, albeit with a stylish and slightly uncomfortable design. Initially, Suzuki only offered petrol versions of its five-door Grand Vitara station wagon, one with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and the other with a 2.7-liter V6.

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Suzuki Vitara On the Road

On State Highways, the SUV can be accelerated with the ease of a car and at car speed. – it never feels like the car is trying to roll over, just a good, well-ordered rear-wheel drive (all four – the wheel drive system is constantly on but during normal operation, it is more inclined towards rear wheels with a torque distribution of 47/54).

It instills confidence and the new Suzuki Vitara can handle even the most challenging, winding roads with confidence. Most of the time it is neutral, and Undertaker is really noticeable only in very hard corners, where there is a slight slip before cutting the front wheel and turning the truck.

Vitara , Suzuki’s pretty boy

The Vitara is one of those cars that gets better over time, like good wine. Four generations and counting! After its redesign in 2012, only a few face washes and some updates were needed. So you can stay on top of the wave and catch up with your competitors.

We have tested the Suzuki Vitara 2018 and what we stand out most about this model is its agility and versatility. The Japanese firm has always been known for making cars for enjoyable drivers .

The essentials of the Suzuki Vitara

Boosterjet Engines

The Boosterjet engine is a gasoline direct injection turbo engine that feels light and efficient . You won’t have to push it to the rev limit to hit the highways with power or to perform maneuvers that require speed. Small but powerful. In addition, you will also save on fuel and will make you feel new emotions. 

4 × 4 AllGrip system

The objective is to adapt the car’s driving style to the state of the road on which it is rolling. Intelligently controlled, it is able to reduce fuel consumption and therefore emissions. Next to the handbrake there is a control from where you can select three driving modes, depending on the needs: Snow, Sport and Auto. We can also manually engage the all-wheel drive. It will not disappoint you in any area, no matter how difficult it is.

ESP (Stability Control)

ESP (Stability Control) will allow you to feel the thrill of driving, while ensuring your safety. And when you come face to face with a slope, the automatic descent control will be your best help. 

Curiosities of the Suzuki Vitara

And now comes the chicha. What you were waiting for. Cream of the cream. We are going to tell you the “little things” that you did not know.    

During the 1995 Frankfurt International Motor Show , the Vitara X-90 was released. It was a targa SUV, with a glass roof that disassembled into two pieces and could be stored in the trunk. 7,000 units were sold, almost all the majority in the United States. At present it can only be seen on the property of a collector.

In addition, the XL version of the Suzuki Vitara has made racing history. He was a legend in one of the most legendary car tests on the planet. Which one? The climb of his older brother, the Suzuki Escudo to Pikes Peak, in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. No less than 19.9 kilometers, 156 curves and a drop of 1,435 meters! Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima made history behind the wheel of the most powerful Suzuki of all time. It was a mechanical “beast” designed to navigate the “rise to the clouds.” You should have seen the brutal look of its kevlar and carbon bodywork. With an aerodynamics that hit the ground in the curves of this climb. The Vitara has competed in off-road rallies since the early 90s, until today, where they participate in the Italian championship of the specialty within a Challenge Suzuki.