Unlocked Best Deal on Munnar Tour Package | 2021

Unlocked Best Deal on Munnar Tour Package | 2021

Munnar is a beautiful town in Kerala & Western Ghats range. It is located at the confluence of three rivers Devikulam, Anamutra, and Aluva.
It is also known as The Queen of Hill Stations due to its spectacular beauty throughout the year.

Munnar is also known as the Golden City of Kerala.

It is prevalent among honeymooners, tourists, and even locals for its entertaining nightlife, and it also offers excellent facilities for all holidays, be it leisure nature, adventure, or family vacation.

The place has many hotels that provide comfortable accommodation and meet international standards of quality and hospitality.

Why is Munnar famous?

Munnar tourist places are famous for their impressive natural beauty that people from all over the world admire.

One of the major attractions in Munnar is the famous Nilgiri Tahr, which is the largest national park in Kerala, situated in the middle of the Munnar district. The entire park is surrounded by pine forests and mountains, making it ideal for camping during leisure holidays. The park houses consist of several birds, including the Black Redstart, Black-Headed Bunting, Green-winged Bunting, etc.

Most of the Munnar tourist places are located close to some of the best shopping malls, restaurants, and clubs in town, which is the best part of visiting Mannar without looking for accommodations as you will find easily. The place has some of the best hotels and resorts for tourists who are looking for luxury accommodation. The MGR Resorts and The

Oberoi Resort are one of the most renowned resorts.

Another trendy tourist place in Munnar is Idduki Hills, where tourists can enjoy Munnar’s best scenic views and surroundings. The Idukki hill station is a perfect place for exploring flora and fauna of Munnar. Besides that, the beautiful lush tea gardens and tea plantations in Munnar are another reason that makes Munnar a preferred holidaying destination in Kerala.

Is there any place in Munnar for adventure lovers?

Munnar is also known as Ayurveda Hills, which offers some of the best places for trekking in Kerala for adventurous people. This hill station has some of the best places for trekking in Kerala where you can enjoy mountaineering, hiking, camping, trekking, and rock climbing.

If you are looking for adventure activities during your holidays, you must try out the adventure sports like river rafting, climbing, trekking, and rock climbing. One can also try out the game sports at the Munnar golf course, which is easily accessible by the railway station.

What are its Specialty?

The specialty of Munnar is its handmade silver crafts. It has a unique tradition of making the best qualitative handicrafts. You can visit the Silver Tea Gardens and the Silver Trading post. The Munnar markets are full of various handicrafts, including brass wares, bamboo works, copper wares, wooden works, stonewares, and many more. Also, it is famous for its ancient monuments like The Stone Monuments.

To know about the best tourist places in Munnar. You can visit the websites that give you the details of tourism packages. And timings of various tours and travel as it offers you everything required to make your holiday memorable.

An essential part of any Kerala tour package is visiting. The exciting spots that Munnar can offer to its visitors are:

Waterfalls: It considers as one of the seven natural wonders of South India. The waterfalls are fed through a Natural spring also know as the Attuattam through natural streams and rivers.

Munnar also considers a wonderful place and you can enjoy the holiday with several exciting attractions. Munnar also knows as the second most visited hill station in Kerala, and many tourists come here for Kerala tours. To explore all these attractions and know more about the places, you can take the Kerala tourism office’s help.