Who made Bitcoin and which country

Who made Bitcoin and which country?

Who made Bitcoin?

There is a lot of confussion and misfacts about this. Well who knows, but I am guessing that someday it will be the same as cash or another major currency. Let me explain.

Which country has the most Bitcoin?

Right now the United States government has not even tried to get into the business of creating a national currency. Why? They are worried that if they do it might lead to hyperinflation and they don’t want the government to get in the business of creating money. If you will recall during the time of the last two world wars, the United States did have a central bank, but it was a secretive, extremely powerful, and largely unknown entity.

What is the future of this virtual currency (bitcoin)?

Now in today’s time, we have private banks, which are quite powerful, but not secret. In fact they are known around the world and they trade with the dollar. So if one country has a stronger currency than another, then that currency can be used for buying things in other countries. This is a free market, because no government controls the supply of money. Also, we know that governments tax income overseas. But does anyone know why the government’s tax income or property overseas?

It may be to keep information about their stock market or their banking system secret. But what about taxes? How do you make bitcoins work? This could be one of the most important questions that will be answered one day. Until then, the governments of many countries will continue to pursue monetary independence.

Role of Government

Governments make for great leaders and wonderful leaders. Great nations make for great neighbors and wonderful neighbors make for great nations. And in this case, governments have decided to make their own virtual currency. It might be bad, it might be good, it might be unique. But when you buy bitcoins and you realize that it is not backed by any government, you’ll realize that it is kind of like the United States dollar.

Governments will never print any money without permission. They can tax you, imprison you, borrow it, and invade your privacy. But nobody really owns the dollar. And the whole reason behind the government’s being able to do these things is to keep you from having hard drives, laptops, mobiles, or other electronic devices that are very similar to yours. And now the government has made its move – to make its move and take your money!