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Why Google AdWords is important in 2021?

Google, one of the most known brands on this planet, 90% of this world’s population is dependent on Google to search for anything. This makes Google one of the most used tools in day-to-day life.

  • Due to this most parts of the world, businesses advertise their products through Google.
  • Google has created multiple channels for business to advertise online, like Google AdWords, express ads on Maps, Video campaign, and so on.
  • Out of all the products, the most used and effective campaign is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords work on a bidding system, always the highest bidder gets the top spot on the page one. Most of the users or customers, when they search for anything, tend to Click on the first link and the top 4 links with “Ad” are Google paid ads, also called as Pay Per Click.

Google paid ads or AdWords is always displayed on top of the page and they can be advertised as per customers choice, like setting up the ad time, targeted gender, age group, location, and more.

Due to these reasons, google AdWords are most effective as they target pinpoint locations.

Below is something out of my real-life experience.

Hope would help the readers to understand how Google AdWords can help any business

My friend runs a small business in Geelong, Australia, and he is struggling to get customers this year. However, when he brought this topic to me, I suggested him to check for Google AdWords Management Geelong services to drive instant traffic to his business and in the beginning. He was not sure if AdWords Geelong would really help his business.

My friend found an agency for AdWords Management Geelong called Squaroe, who happened to assist him with AdWords Geelong.

Google Ads started to show quick results within 2 weeks of time. His businesses started to pick up with more inquiries, and now his business is really doing good.

I believe, after a huge loss in 2020 to businesses. 2021 is the time to make it back and for small and medium-sized businesses. It would be good to quickly start seeing some quality inquiries in 2021.

If anyone reading is looking for some good AdWords Management Geelong or PPC Geelong. You can contact Squaroe in Geelong, I am sure you would not be disappointed with their work.

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